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Mountain Thousand follows the journey of individuals from all walks of life who are chasing or living their passion.

From everyday people on the street to professional athletes, everyone has something that they’re passionate about. We’re interested in how people are chasing their passions, overcoming the issues (or mountains to climb) along the way and what they envision themselves doing with their passion in the future.

This is a broad statement but the intention was always to keep Mountain Thousand broad as every story has it’s own unique lessons. An athlete might be able to teach you about relentlessness and honing a specific skill set where as a food truck owner might teach you about the need to be inventive and adaptable.

Ultimately we hope to 1) entertain you and 2) give you some inspiration to push you forward in your own endeavours.

If you like what we’re about and wish to contribute in some way or have a chat, hit us up by filling out the form located here.


The MTN.1000 Team.

Mount Everest
Source: Mondo79