Doing Epic Stuff Podcast – Jamie Santilli

jamie santilli

An old friend of mine, Mike Drohan reached out to be a part of his podcast series and I was immediately flattered.

The previous episodes had featured a long list of people who had done some truly epic things such as a 24 Hour MTB Champ, a surfboard craftsman, and a Muay Thai living legend. So you can imagine that I wasn’t quite sure where my story fit in, but in saying this once I logged onto the zoom call things just started flowing.

Thanks to Mike, I was able to reflect on some truly ‘epic’ things I had done in the past and possibly didn’t appreciate enough.

During the podcast we covered a number of topics, all summarised below by Mike;


Some days it’s hard enough to get into first gear, let alone take conscious strides towards achieving big picture aims and goals.

Sometimes it can all just seem too hard…

Even with the best of intentions, we’re continually being given compelling reasons NOT to pursue our passions: that work deadline, that hangover, that complete series of Fargo on Net Flix to name but a few…

My next guest really puts the word ‘excuse’ into perspective.

With a growing résumé of successful music and sporting events to his name, Jamie Santilli developed a reputation as a self-made booking agent and events manager who delivered on his word and cared about his act’s wellbeing, first – rare qualities in a game often plagued by shady operators and slippery talent managers.

A routine health check-up in 2014, just a week out from a 6 week trip to the USA with his fiancé, changed Jamie’s entire world.

Join Jamie and I as we discuss the mental game to rehabilitation, overzealous Dads at freestyle scooter events, getting hustled by talent managers and more on this episode of The Doing Epic Stuff Podcast.   

To listen, check it out on the links below: