Wonder Woman: Katrina Brooks – Make Up Artist

Katrina Brooks
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We were so excited when brilliant Nashville based Make Up Artist – Katrina Brooks agreed to give us some of her time recently. She has fast become one of the go-to people in the industry and for good reason. Having dedicated her life to the art of make-up and styling, her skill is prominent throughout her work.

Let’s get the questions rolling!

First up, why Nashville? What led you to move there?

Rewind 10 years…I moved to Los Angeles from my hometown in New Hampshire at 18 to attend a Hair and Makeup School called the Makeup Designory.  I studied everything there was to learn about makeup, from special effects to prosthetic making. After four years of chasing my dreams in LA, I realized there was more to life than Hollywood and stumbled upon a little city called Nashville. I packed up and moved cross country to try to become a bigger fish in a much smaller pond.

You seem to have created quite a rep for what you do. Was there a turning point in your career that was quite obvious or did things kind of get busier and busier and the rest is history?

Southern hospitality is a real thing, let me tell you.  Everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to help you achieve your goals down here. It did not take long at all for me to wake up one day and realize how busy I was and how many friends and career connections I had made in such a short period of time. Fast forward 6 years, and I am so happy I followed my gut and moved to Tennessee.

I feel like it would be a crime if we didn’t touch on a gorgeous van called Wander Woman. Can you tell us a bit more about that? How did she come about and what inspired you to make it a part of your business?

The manifestation of Wander Woman, my hair/makeup all things production trailer. I was driving to set one day which was in the middle of nowhere and I was just thinking about how necessary it is to have a place to hold talent that has air conditioning for Summers and heat for the Winters.  Then not long after that, I purchased my own 5th wheel. It is more than a trailer for ‘A list’ celebrities (that was partially a joke, everyone considers themselves an equal outside of Hollywood, haha), it doubles as a groovy space for photo and video shoots.  

Since I do hair, makeup, styling and photography; it only makes sense that I also love being a part of the location and setting the scene for the shot. I think I might have just unleashed my inner beast by renovating this trailer because now I am about to renovate a house for the same purpose. 

Now for a bit of a cliché question, if you could do make up or styling for any one person in the world who would it be and why?

If I could work with any one person in the world…Honestly, I am going to alter this question a tad because I am more of a film girl, so a show that I would kill to be a part of the creative team for is Peaky Blinders!  

If you don’t know, it is about a Gangster family set in 1919 Birmingham, England.  The early 1900’s glam, the costumes, the set designs, the special FX makeup for the fight scenes, I love it all!  

Period pieces are the reason I am in this industry to begin with.  

We need to ask, what have you been doing to keep that killer sense of humour up and about during these crazy times, and has there been a favourite drink helping get you through 2020? Haha.

I’m not going to lie, as soon as the first week of quarantine started and all of my work was cancelled, I panicked. I have to constantly be doing things and staying productive but in reality, I really needed a break.  It was the perfect time to fully renovate my trailer, had it gutted and finished with the help of one of my best friends in just two weeks. So, since that was done so soon and the world was still shut down, I started customizing flannel shirts. I will sew your favorite tee on the back of a flannel, bleach dye and voila, another side hustle.  If I’m busy I’m a pretty happy person, and I am an even happier person with a Miller Highlife in hand!

Let’s finish off with a Fast 5. 

Can you give me 5 products you just need to have in your kit when you get to work:

1.  NARS Sheer Glow Foundations.

2.  Colourpop shadow palettes.

3.  Lique Lips, lip products.

4.  Loreal Carbon Black Mascara.

5.  Oribe Hair Spray.

I am always overly prepared and bring way too many options to my jobs however, if I only showed up with those 5 products I could probably manage doing your entire face and no one would even notice I used shadow for your eyebrows or lipstick for your blush. Haha

Thanks again for being a part of Mountain Thousand Katrina! We hope the rest of 2020 is a great one. Also, great choice of beer! 

No worries at all! That was a bunch of fun. Look forward to chatting again soon.

Katrina Brooks at work

If you’re keen to check out more of Katrina Brooks’ work, you can check out her socials below: 

Instagram (Make Up and Styling)@katrinabrooks.style

Instagram (Wander Woman)@wander_.woman


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