Mickey Guyton Sings The Truth


Country Music artist Mickey Guyton has given us a moment in 2020 that country music fans will remember for years to come and for all the right reasons.

Last week Mickey became the first ever Black Woman to perform solo at the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM’s). Let us remind you that this is the 55th edition of the event. So to say this milestone moment was overdue is an understatement.

Accompanied by this years host Keith Urban on piano, Mickey (with the spotlight rightfully on her) performed the hard-hitting and truth bearing song ‘What Are You Gonna Tell Her?’. A song that touches on a number of topics some of us prefer to remain ignorant too. With lyrics such as the following;

“Do you just let her pretend
That she could be the president?
Would it help us get there any faster?
Do you let her think the deck’s not stacked?
And gay or straight or white or black
You just dream and anything can happen.”

This song can’t help but stop you in your tracks, and make you think about the injustices that are being experienced by women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ community currently and historically. The way the song is delivered through the voice of a parent trying to explain this world to their child just further emphasizes these very real issues.

2020 ACM Awards 55th Edition

Mickey Guyton has always been a very proud woman and never avoided her heritage, she is willing to speak out when others remain quiet. Earlier this month she released her latest EP ‘Bridges’ which features another hard hitting track in ‘Black Like Me’ – which is a look into the battles she has faced so far throughout her life. Has this approach potentially stunted her growth in the industry, it is hard to say but it seems that she is finally breaking through.

An artist that for sometime now has been the definition of patience, we feel has finally found the spotlight she rightfully deserves.

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