Miscellameous Does Borderlands 3


The crew from Miscellameous have spent the past week playing through 2019 release ‘Borderlands 3’ over on Twitch.

We asked Liam from the Misc. Crew about what made them pick this game as their first play through.

So first up, why Borderlands 3?

As a group we had mixed knowledge of the franchise in general; Andrew has played each game released and knows it well, Giuseppe has never put time into a Borderlands game but always been curious and myself I am somewhere in the middle.

We essentially wanted a game we could play through a storyline together to cool down from playing tense BR style shooters (like Warzone) and honestly it has been a blast.

ALSO; Twitch has a chat integration allowing viewers to spawn bosses, loot and participate in receiving loot to their own Borderlands accounts when we find rare items and we love that interaction through stream. It is exactly the experience we want to share with our audience.

For those that don’t know what is the premise of Borderlands 3? Can you give us a quick rundown?

You are a ‘Vault Hunter’ working within a Star Wars style resistance group to stop an interstellar cult from obtaining power from Vaults locked within a bunch of different planets. Galactic domination? Not on your watch.

That sounds pretty rad, now what gamers would like Borderlands 3?

First Person Shooter (FPS) Fans, People who like to be able to customise their characters as they level but most importantly people who have a sense of humor. This game knows how to actually be funny, the story is engaging but the writing often makes fun of itself in a way that breaks the fourth wall and will give you some laughs.

So yeah, great story, great theme and great characters.

Lastly, if people like Borderlands 3, what other games do you think they’ll enjoy?

Any FPS with custom character levelling (Bioshock series and Far Cry series come to mind), but for PvP you will probably enjoy Apex Legends and Overwatch.

Awesome! Thank you again for your time and happy gaming.

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