Watch Neill Blomkamp’s New Short Film Rakka Now


Director Neill Blomkamp, the guy who brought you District 9 and Elysium, is back with a new short film entitled Rakka.

Neill recently created his own film production company called Oats Studios. The idea with Oats Studios is to piece together a few short films exploring different ideas and concepts to see which attract the most attention. The response from the audience will then inform future productions with the most popular ideas likely to be explored in more depth.

Rakka, which is the first release from Oats Studios, is set in the near future in a time where aliens, dubbed the “Klum,” have enslaved humanity and are working to convert the earth’s atmosphere to be compatible with their species. The film is separated into three parts which introduce you to the setting, some key characters (including Sigourney Weaver’s character Jasper), and a bit of the plot.

Rakka can be viewed in full above. If you’re interested I highly recommend you read The Verge’s interview with Neill where he discusses the film in detail. You can find more information about Oats Studios by heading to their website or visiting their Steam page.